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Related article: Blues BLUESChapter 1 by CARL DICKSON Does your mother know you're reading this shit? Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains Little Girl Bbs no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. Little Girl Bbs If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story. This story is copyrighted, ©2006. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.You may find interest in these stories by Carl Dickson: Story Name Category Date Posted     Story Name Category Date Posted     Story Name Category Date Posted Roby and the Cowboy Rural 06/09/00     Phillip Adult/Youth 06/10/00     Andy Finds Daddy Beginnings 03/09/06     Tim Relationships 12/31/04     Fairy Boat Highschool 01/04/05     Jasson & Jerrod Incest 01/10/05     Steve BiSexual/Highschool 01/11/05     Randy Incest 10/29/05     Connor's Gift Adult/Youth 01/26/05     Him Highschool 09/15/05     Chris My Love Highschool 10/04/05     Reggy Adult/Youth 10/08/05     In Little Girl Bbs The Locker Room Highschool & Athletics 10/12/05     Jimmy Adult/Youth 10/11/05     Jayson Outed Highschool 12/15/05     Troy Adult/Youth 10/14/05     Ghost Brother Highschool 10/22/05     Last Weekend Highschool & Ahtelitics 10/28/05     Finding Love Incest 10/28/05     Swimming With Steve College 11/04/05     442 Incest 11/22/05     My Gift Incest 12/24/05     The Cripple Highschool 12/24/05     Lyle and Kyle Incest 01/01/06     Ray Boys Incest 01/01/06     G-Spot College 01/07/06     Something Big College 02/18/06     Rape of Rocky Highschool 02/21/06     Traveler Adult/Youth 02/18/06     Blues highschool 03/09/06     Here's a new twist for you. This story will stand on its own but it is the preamble to Traveler. In this tale you will be introduced to many of the characters that will shape the lads of Traveler and their futures as the men and leaders of the world before them. Read this story, BLUES, for itself but take a trip over to Traveler. You will see some of these characters start to take on major roles in that story in the thirty second chapter. Bull Pitt, of the law firm, The Doggs of War and his old college buddy, Jeremy Combs get staring roles in Traveler in chapter six. Yep, a long read. Sit back and stroke your way through life. I am not to much into parties where I find all of the phoniness of my friends in a small space. People that you thought you knew, going around trying to be seen and to impress. I sat on the edge of my bed naked. 1993 had totally sucked, but hadn't every other year since 1977? That had been the year that I made my appearance on this God forsaken granite ball. Lisa is having the party tonight. Little Girl Bbs Yeah, just turned sixteen, a sophomore and unattached. No one would want me anyway. I am nothing to look at. For the umpteenth time I stood up and looked in the full length mirror on my open closet door. Five foot eight inches of thin nothing. I am surprised that shit can be stacked that high without falling over. There was nothing to look at in the mirror. The same blah kid with the undefined body. No real fat, per se, but no muscle either. I flexed my right arm. The bicep tightened up but a piss ant would laugh at it. I turned to get a look at my ass. It wasn't bad, I guess. It rode a little high on my thighs and didn't have any sag to it. My gut was smooth, my navel disappeared into a soft layer of smooth skin from the top of my sandy Little Girl Bbs colored pubic hair to my chest. Nothing but a hundred and fifteen pounds of worthless shit with legs and arms. Even the fucked up haircut my dad gave me. I reminded him of a boy from his highschool days. Dad had the kid's picture on my dresser. The kid was dirty blonde like me so dad cut my hair, every week end so I could look like Tommy. Chrome on the very top and a little longer as it followed the curve of my bowling ball round skull. Dad called it a flat top. Yeah, I could see it. The top of my head was cut off square with the sides and the back shaved bald.. How geeky can you get. Dad outweighed me by at least two hundred pounds so Little Girl Bbs I kept my mouth shut. I have had his fist in my face and I don't care to get it again so I do what he says. My cock was about normal. I measured it but from what I see on the internet I was nowhere in the running with the boys today. Everybody talks about their humongous eight and nine inch cocks with tight little circumcision scars and huge, beer can thicknesses. I am barely seven and a half inches long and only five and three quarters around. To add insult to injury my cock head is hidden under a long hanging sheath of excess skin that bunches up on the end to look like a little flower. I have seen the sneers and smirks on the faces of the guys in the shower after practice. They all think I'm a freak. Well I am a freak. I'm a fucking queer. I know it but I try not to show it. There is only one person that I have ever had sex with. He shoves his five and a quarter inch cock up my ass and fills me with his seed then he lets me suck him as he lays beside me to catch his breath. I have never, ever dared try to approach anybody else and figure that I am lucky to have this one outlet. From what I read there is so much frustration out there and then the real danger of outing yourself to the wrong guy and paying for it for the rest of your life. No, I get my butt nut rubbed and a load of cum almost daily. I'll play it safe for now. I do have a serious ECB. I can't get my fucking cock to go down. I mean, here it is Saturday, okay, I have already jacked off five times today but I just want more. I need more. There is probably the hottest chick in school having the last party of the year at her house in a half an hour. Every hot cock in the whole school and some from elsewhere will be there. I could go and get some eye candy then when I come home I will have some sweet memories of what might have been to fist myself to sleep with. The party was straight out of the manual. The requisite three boys to every girl. The tight little groups of boys, beer in hand, looking dreamy eyed at the girls but too afraid to go say hi. The girls paired off and dancing together for want of something better to do. I cruised the huge two story house. Surprisingly all of the bedroom doors were open and the rooms empty. The upstairs bathrooms had their quota, and more, of silly girl chatter as make Little Girl Bbs up was shoveled into place. I know that one party like this can bring in enough revenue from makeup sales to set the average person up with enough money to retire quite well on. I came down the back stairs to the first real action of the night. Bobby Feldman had Trish England pinned in a corner as they tongue wrestled. Bobby had the tent pole of the century pressing against the front of his extra tight jeans. I had a good view of his crotch and his bubble butt during my thirty minute walk down the five or six stairs to the landing where they were. Bobby is the man. If I could pick and chose. Oh well, what might have been, siggghhhh. I exited the stair way into the kitchen and found the coolers full of beer. I found my favorite brand in the second cooler I looked into. Someone shoved a plate with a hot burger on it at me. I turned and squirted the necessaries from the cabinet on it and headed out the back door. Jimmy Walker was profiling on the rail around the raised wooden deck. His left hip jutted forward accentuating his enlarged package to the two freshman girls he was making the moves on. I smiled at him as our eyes met and I leered at his companions. He gave me a silent nod and I moved on. Will Hamm and Tom Byrd lay in the grass looking at the sky. Their packages pushed up by what had to be extra small briefs or maybe a jock strap. I headed for the pool area and a concrete bench next to it. Behind the bench was Aaron James and flirty Florence making out like bandits on the grass. Cocks Little Girl Bbs cocks everywhere and not a one to suck. I am so fucking horny I am ready to suck the little statue of a gnome in the flower garden. I turned my Little Girl Bbs eyes toward the house as I listened to the moans and groans of my very frustrated friend, Aaron and grinned to myself. Florence was not about to give it up to him. So far nothing had really given me the wood I sought. Bobby did have a nice bone going for him, but Trish kind of...well, she just gags me. Randy Koch came in through the gate and walked toward the house. Now here is a man. He was wearing very small green, nylon, jogging shorts with last years, super tight tee shirt. He had on running shoes with ankle high socks that totally revealed his long, thin, runners legs. The bone I sought took root. I thought his manner of dress strange until I remembered that he lived in the huge Little Girl Bbs house next door. He could go and change at will. I wanna go with him and watch. When I squirted the necessaries on my burger I had gotten too much mustard. I took my paper plate and unfinished burger to the garbage can by the gate where Randy had just entered. I had to stroke the latch as I imagined that I could still feel the warmth of his hand on the cold steel. I chugged the last of my beer and went in search of another. I forgot about that beer. I entered the kitchen and found myself face to face with the walking talking man god himself. Randy Koch turned just as I came in and we Little Girl Bbs collided, face to face. He put his arms around me to steady himself and I put my arms around him because I could. We exchanged a look. We pulled apart but our eyes were connected. He was looking into my inner being. I wondered if he could see himself there and all of the thousands of fantasies I had of him. A cold beer to the back Little Girl Bbs of my neck pulled me into the present. I turned to kill the person who had interrupted me. Kerry Jones stood there grinning at me with his five ton erector set shining from under his extra thick lips. His orthodontist is making a bundle on this boy. Kerry's pimples were out of control again. I knew that he had been into the Christmas candy during the entire vacation period. Kerry isn't too bad, for a geek. I guess I am really his only close friend. I like to study with the dude. He is smart and he knows how to help me so that I know that shit. My grades have really been good during the two years that I have studied with him. "Thanks man, I was about to wither up and blow away from thirst. I popped the top and chugged about half of the cold can of Coors. Okay, say it, but I know where that beer you drink comes from. That's why that brewery uses horses to pull their beer wagons. Besides those big Clydesdale horses can really piss a lot. I like Rocky Mountain Spring Water, thank you. Uncle Adolphus was a master brewer and his family has carried on his tradition through four generations of my family. Randy was gone. I chucked Kerry on the arm and moved back toward the back door. As I was going out Randy was coming back in. We got to the middle of the doorway, belly to belly Little Girl Bbs and froze. I wooded up in an instant. So did Randy. We could each feel the other's excitement when an idea hit me. "Randy, buddy," I slurred in my best acting of the decade. "I need a big favor man. I can't go home drunk. My old man warned me. I need a place to crash." Now I'm not shittin you, Randy leered at me. His eyes got the most hungry look I have ever seen in a person. His cock twitched against me and he pulled me in close as he guided both of us back out through the tight doorway. "Come on buddy. Come with me before you fall down." He took the can of beer from my hand and sat it down. With his left arm around my waist and his right arm across my belly to keep me from falling forward I did my best stagger as we headed to his house. He led me up the identical back stair way as I had seem Bobby and Trish on. All of these Little Girl Bbs houses must be alike, I thought. He guided me to a large bed room and pushed me Little Girl Bbs back so that I fell onto an extra soft bed. I kept my eyes shut as I pretended to be Little Girl Bbs so out of it. Randy waked over and turned on a lamp. I was thankful that he did not turn on the overhead light that would have shown directly into my eyes. I was sporting serious wood. "You just lay there and rest, buddy. I'm going to make you a little more comfortable so you can rest and sleep some of that off." The look on his face was priceless. He knelt at my feet and untied first one shoe then the other. He removed the shoes and then the socks which he rolled up and placed into the shoes. Little Girl Bbs Still on Little Girl Bbs his knees he leaned into me and popped the buttons of my 501s. His deft fingers worked around the sides of my waist and tugged at my jeans. I raised my ass to let them slide down my legs. Randy was taking my underwear with them. My cock stood up and asked to be noticed. In my feigned drunkenness I moaned and rolled my head as I kept my eyes closed, almost. Of course I was peeking from the tiniest of slits I could manage. Randy moved forward and grasped my super hard cock at the base and pulled my foreskin down, exposing my slick purple cock head. Without a word my cock disappeared, its full length was buried in Randy's sucking mouth as he began to bob up and down on it. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I veritably shouted. Bobby jerked up with terror written on his face. "If you're gonna suck my cock you at least have to be naked so I can suck you too." Randy grinned sheepishly, as I stood up. I let my cock slap his face. I grabbed it and swirled it around and round on his face leaving a slime trail of precum. It looked as if a snail had crawled across his face. I put my hands under his arms and raised him up. I turned him with his back to the bed then pushed him down as he had done me. I went to my knees and begin my mission. This was my first and he had just taught me something that had made me feel so fucking good. I was going to do to him as he had done to me, only better. I removed his left shoe. I took his toes into my mouth and began to suck on his sweaty anklet covered foot. I bit down hard as I heard him moan. I got a good grip on the cotton cloth and Little Girl Bbs tugged. It took a moment to break free then his sock began to bare his foot as it slid off. I flung my head sending the sock across the room, somewhere. I took the toes back into my mouth as I laved each one, running my tongue between the fleshy appendages. I arrived at the big toe and sucked it like a short cock, bobbing my head and giving it lots of tongue action. Randy was moaning and rolling around on the bed. God, he was hot and I only had his first foot started. I worked my way up his foot licking and using my teeth as I raked the soles of his feet over and over again. With a combination of teeth and my Little Girl Bbs fingernails I made my presence known to his left foot. I took his Achilles tendon in my mouth and bit down firmly. He moaned out a long sigh and fell in a slump back on the bed. I repeated the entire process on his right foot with relentless tenacity. Next I crawled up his body tasting his sweat that had beaded on his long legs. I licked and chewed around each leg as I feasted on his meaty calves and licked gallons of sweat from behind his knees. I looked upward to my goal to see the largest tent ever before me. Barnum and Bailey should erect such a tent. I ran my hands up the loose fitting legs to find the thin straps of his jock strap. I tugged at the stretchy fabric as Randy lifted his precious cheeks into the air for me. The waist band of the twin boulder holder broke free and began it trip downward until it caught on the mighty stick that had been the center pole of the Little Girl Bbs circus tent. I really wanted to get into the tent and see all of the acts there to be preformed so I puled my hands out from under and went up the outside of the slick material of his shorts and made short work of getting them up and off. I lay between his knees as I looked upon the largest hard cock I had ever seen in my life. My mouth was leaking. No, not precum shit head, drool. I was fucking drooling like a starving man looking at a steak banquet. I kissed and laved my way upward. I made certain that each thick fat testicle was throughly recognized. Then I made my way on up to the top of his long, thick, uncut rod. My heart skipped a beat. He was maybe a little longer than me, definitely thicker than me and uncut to boot. 'Scuse me, I'm in love. I swallowed the largest cock I had ever been near. It slid all the way into my throat making me gag but I pushed through it to take the entire man meat to his pubes. His cock felt so right in my mouth. I didn't want to stop but I had my own agenda. I returned to kissing my way up his body. I put my hands under his tee shirt and pushed it upwards as I deep cleaned the sweetest inny navel in the land. I'll join the navy if I can clean this navel yard, daily. I rubbed the smooth skin of my face across the hard muscles Little Girl Bbs of his super developed abs. I reached out and took a nip in each hand and began to pinch and roll them between my fingers. His cock was stabbing me in the throat as his precum ran down my neck. I got to his chest and turned, first left then right to suck each sweet little nipple and feel the stiff little nub against my tongue. I reached up and began to lick at his neck. I encircled his hard Adam's apple and gave it the tongue lashing it deserved then I rose and stared down into his dark green eyes. His smile was from ear to ear as I inched my body on forward. I erected myself over him and stared down at him. I raised up and grasped his cock. His eyes got super wide as he realized where I was going. I lowered myself down in one swift move burying his cock completely inside of me. I put my head back and yelled in pain. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for the butt ripping pain of my super stretched sphincter. Tears rushed down my cheeks as I cried out. I almost vomited, the pain was so intense. My head began to swim as my gut continued to churn and I fell forward on top of him. My face laying beside his as I continued to sob. He was trying to push me away. I managed to get my arms around him and held him close. My body relaxed. I wiggled my butt and the pain tore into me again but this time it settled quickly. I lay there and hugged him with all of my weakened strength. He turned his face to me. I looked at him. He pulled my face toward his and kissed me. I raised my head over him and returned the kiss. Our tongues fought for superiority. I wanted him to dominate me. I wiggled my ass, he moaned in my mouth. I cringed as a small stab of pain swept through me. His cock pulsed inside my ass. That felt good. I humped myself in very short strokes. Suddenly his cock seated into its place and euphoria swept over me. I sank into him and kissed him with passion. I raised up and looked into his eyes. "Swear to me with your most sacred oath that you will not leave me. I want to roll over onto my back so that you can fuck me and fuck me hard. Don't leave me. Stay with me. Ride me. Fuck me all night long." He grinned up at me and nodded. We rolled as one. We fought to keep his cock in my ass but it stuck in there. I was on bottom, looking up into the most beautiful face in the entire school, possibly universe. He was smiling down at me. I wiggled around and got my legs up and placed my heels on his shoulders. "Fuck me, stud. Ride me silly." Okay, it's confession time. I'll tell you my darkest secret. My mother's a bitch and my dad is the male equivalent of the same thing. I guess that my mother crossed her legs as soon as she dropped me. At least to hear my father's version it has been that long since he has had real pussy around his tiny dick. After ten years of having him up my ass I can well figure why my mother wanted nothing to do with him. My dad is mr. nice guy. he is funny and bright. He is a good provider. He takes care of mom and me. We have a really nice home with everything anybody could ever want in it. We have two cars, one three months old and the other about ten months old. We have a huge in home studio with a twelve foot screen and seating for eight. We have an in ground pool with raised hot tub, creating a pleasant water fall. I have twice as much stuff as any of the other kids I know. And I have a daddy for a fuck partner, every night. He has been fucking my Little Girl Bbs ass since I was five Little Girl Bbs years old. He comes to me and holds me and works his dick into me and really makes love to me. I have learned in the last two or three years how wrong it is but I let him continue on. He buys me really neat things and I do have my eye on a sweet new car when I turn sixteen. Don't misunderstand. I like getting fucked. I have learned that it is about the most pleasant feeling I have in my life. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. For months I have wondered what a larger cock might be like but Little Girl Bbs never thought that I would get the chance. The statistics say that the average man's cock is six inches. Well dad is on the low side of that average and I am on the very high side. But from the other things I have read I am not all that big really. I look in the showers. Believe you me, I look. I have seen some of the guys boned or near boned. They all appear huge. Bobby Feldman, for one. That dude has to have ten inches and Aaron James... Were he to walk down the street naked and boned his cock would come around the corner long before he would. I've never seen Will Hamm or Tom Byrd but soft they hang a lot more than me. And then there is this skin thing. Randy is a surprise to me. I had no idea he has such a huge cock and skin. I Little Girl Bbs don't know how big it is but he is in my ass so far and it feels so fucking good. I just want to shout with joy. "Oh yes, you big cocked daddy, ride me. Fuck me hard. Hurt me, big boy. Harder, harder, make me love it, FUCK ME!!!!" I opened my eyes and looked into the wide eyed face of Randy but also a smaller version of his face looking over his shoulder. My cock fired its load straight up into the air. All three of us watched as it climbed higher, and higher. Would it achieve escape velocity and go into orbit. No, it is arching back to earth. Every head followed its decent as the tiny glob of cum, spinning and turning in its trajectory directly into my open and waiting mouth. I heard an audible, "ahhh," as I closed my lips around my prize and swallowed. At that very moment another Little Girl Bbs sperm missile left the launch pad and followed in a shorter arch to land on my chin. The mini head moved so quickly it was a blur. It was in front of me as its long tongue lashed out to lap up the glistening glob of gelatinous glop from my thin, almost invisible hair of my chinny chin chin. Gads that's corny. Mini head turned and took my spouting cock into its mouth as I felt Randy fill my tortured ass with his own sweet boi juice. Randy pounded his final offering into me with force as he moved my body across his bed. Mini head raised up and wiped his lips and smiled down at me. Randy fell away letting the cold air rush in to my empty ass hole. Mini head scurried out of my sight and threw my legs over his shoulders as he buried his face in my crack and I felt his tongue dive into my fresh fucked ass. Randy was looking down at the action with his mouth agape. "I didn't know you were gay." Mini head rose up and wiped his face with the back of his hand, "I'm not. I'm fucking queer and I'm coming out for the New Year. That was my first taste of cum, ever and I love it. I just got my first cock in my mouth and did my first rim." "And if you'll move between my legs you can fuck me. Hard. Now. Randy let me suck you," I told them. Randy moved toward me. "I want to suck that huge cock of yours, bud. Get on your hands and knees." I did as I was told. Randy was under me. He took my cock in his mouth as mini head shoved a nice sized cock up my ass and began to fuck me. "Hey, sweet fuck, what's your name?" "Oh, sorry. Hi, I'm Robby. I'm Randy's brother. I heard you yelling and I had to check it out. God you are one hot fuck. I love your cock but your ass is tops, even seconds after randy Randy." I chuckled at that randy Randy. He did put one randy fuck on me and he is doing a number on my cock. I took his slimy cock into my mouth and began to suck it clean. Robby was no slouch. He was pumping a load out of me in minutes as he tried to push his cock into the base of my brain to drive his cum home deep within me. He staggered back leaving my ass empty and cold. I let Randy's sweet meat hang as I asked him if he was ready for seconds on my ass. He got up from under me as I pulled Robby into his place. I slowly nursed Robby's sensitive cock back to life as he had all of my soft member slowly awakening in his mouth. Randy was back in the saddle trying to get his second wind. I had not let him cum. I only nursed him to prepare him to ride again. Robby wasn't going to allow that though. The randy rascal filled my mouth with sweet boi cum as I had never tasted in all of my life. It was nothing like my dad's salty and harsh load. Dad's cum burned my throat with a kind of acid or chemical feel and it always tasted like urine and salt. Robby's cum was thick and smooth, like a thick milk shake and sweet yet salty. The burn was there but mild. I wanted so much more. We remained joined as Randy gave up another load into my ass and I filled Robby's sweet lips. Robby, bless his heart, gave me one more load for the road. Randy pushed my legs up on the bed and I lay on my face trying my best to recover. Randy lay beside me as Robby moved between my legs and began to suck my ass hole. I fell asleep in the most relaxed and comfortable sleep of my life. So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at Hangin' hard, dude.
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